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Often times we are judged by the "look" of the proposal we submit to a client.

Here we  have provided a format with keywords and sections that will help give your project proposals a professional appearance.

This type of proposal is used for the first bid on corporate video and web video projects.

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Sample includes:

  • How to film an interview
  • Understanding Negative Space
  • Correct framing
  • Best Microphones
  • How to use a lapel or Lavalier microphone
  • Intro to Zebras

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DVworkshops.com   Project Proposal Template
Cut & Paste, then
add your info between subject headings.

How to use the information on this page.
  1. Copy this outline to a blank document.
  2. Then use the sample proposal to begin your first draft.

Below are Project Proposal Subject "Headers"  you will fill in your own information between these "Headers"



1. Objective

2. Description

3. Key messages

4. Video Development Process Overview

  • Phase One: Planning
  • Phase Two:  Production
  • Phase Three:  Post-Production
  • Phase Four:  Mastering and Distribution Production Time-Line.
5. Summary

6. Budget of Estimated Costs
  • Consulting/Scripting and Pre-production 
  • Location Production
  • Graphics & Music    
  • Editing, Digitization, DVD and Web movie Creation

7. Total Budget

A Sample Proposal- Use as guideline to complete your template
Below is a proposal for a Police Recruitment DVD/Web Video. 

Once you have copied the above template, use this to help fill out your own professional looking proposal.



Walnut Police Recruiting Video Project Proposal
September 2012

Develop and produce a Video program for use in attracting Police officers to the Walnut Police Department.

7-12 minute video


Using documentary film techniques, the recruitment video will show the real-life job of an officer in the Walnut  Police Department. 

We will profile rookies who have been in the department for under two years, seasoned officers with 7-10 years on the force and special operations officers. The police chief will address the potential recruit, and the Mayor will communicate his personal commitment to the police department. The film will also highlight the quality of life in the city of Walnut.

Key messages will include:

  • Multifaceted team approach to fighting crime in Walnut
  • Opportunities to learn investigation skills, and conduct your own crime scenes investigations, and follow-up
  • Advanced, High tech equipment, and training on this gear
  • Opportunity to participate and be trained in special swat teams
  • Huge Community support and respect for Officers.
  • Walnut "The City"..Restaurants, entertainment, proximity to San Francisco.


Video Development Process Overview

Phase One: Planning
  • Research real-life Patrolmen to feature in video
  • Coordinate and pre-produce locations and schedule shooting days/nights.
  • Create rough outline
Phase Two:  Production
  • Film all scenarios
  • This includes multiple "Ride-along" with officers selected to participate.
  • We may film at least four officers, and select the best for use in the DVD.

Phase Three:  Post-Production
  • Complete rough edits of DVD/Web Video for Client review.
  • Incorporate client feedback.  Re-edit video, submit for client approval or changes, then final re-edit and approval.
Phase Four:  Mastering and Distribution
  • 20 DVDs are delivered for each version. Files are also delivered for use with Web Deployment.

Production Time-Line.

  • September 2012 - Phase One begins
  • October-November 2012- Phase One and Two are completed
  • December 2012- Phase Three and Four are completed

Note that timing may change due to availability of people and locations.

By showing the real-life experiences of new and seasoned veterans, the viewer will get an honest picture of the work involved. The result, officers who will stay with the department for an extended period of time.


Walnut  Police Department Recruitment Budget

Consulting/Scripting and Pre-production  $1,900.00
Location Production          $4,600.00
Graphics & Music               $   900.00

Editing, Digitization, DVD and Web movie Creation  $7,400.00

Total Budget         $14,800.00

Travel Expenses will be billed separately

(This is a first proposal budget estimate..some clients may require more details)

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